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Congratulations to all winners!

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2018 Linda Finn award winner Jesse Hamilton

Jesse Hamilton was honoured with the Linda Finn Award for 2018 for his dedication and hard work as Ice Crew Chief.


Lynn Wendorf was honoured as the recipient of the 2017 Linda Finn Award.

2017 Linda Finn award winner Lynn Wendorf


Our club was honoured to present the ​Linda Finn Award to 3 deserved winners in 2016:

Ernie Tiessen, Mike Marcella and Angelo & Cathy D’Amato.

2016 Linda Finn award winner Ernie Tiessen

Ernie Tiessen

2016 Linda Finn award winner Mike Marcella

Mike Marcella

2016 Linda Finn award winners Angelo and Cathy D'Amato

Angelo and Cathy D’Amato


2015 Special Service award winner Doug MacLeod

Special Service Award 2015
Doug MacLeod

Doug MacLeod was presented with an award for exceptional service for 15 years as Chairman of the Board.

2015 Special Service award winner Dennis Fanjoy

Special Service Award 2015
Dennis Fanjoy

A second award was presented to Dennis Fanjoy for all of his dedication and work as a Board Member, as a vital member of the ice crew, and as a club member for almost 40 years.


2014 Linda Finn award winners Larry Byles, Nicole and Don Miller

Linda Finn Award – From left:
Larry Byles, Nicole and Don Miller

The two Linda Finn Awards were presented to Larry Byles and Nicole and Don Miller.

2014 Special Recognition award winners Maggie and John Sargent

Special Recognition 2014
John and Maggie Sargent

For their outstanding service and dedication to the our club for the past twenty years, Maggie and John Sargent were presented with a very unique trophy.

2014 NOCA Club Recognition award winner

On October 26th in Sudbury, Treasurer Jack Jellis accepted the NOCA Club Recognition Award, presented to our club for the 2013/14 season. This award was given to one club (out of 47) that demonstrated leadership and effort in growing the sport of curling and their club in its community.


2013 Linda Finn award winner Jack Jellis

Linda Finn Award:
Jack Jellis

Jack Jellis received the Linda Finn Award for his work as Treasurer during the past twelve years.

2013 Linda Finn award winner Karen Gelinas

Linda Finn Award:
Karen Gelinas

A second Linda Finn Award was also presented to Karen Gelinas for her work as a former Director, curling instructor, coordinator of the Little Rock Program and for her constant assistance in many other areas in the club.

2013 Special Recognition award winner Oscar Donar

Special Recognition:
Oscar Doner

One more award was given out this April. For his outstanding service to our club as Secretary for almost 40 years, Oscar Doner was presented with a very special and unique trophy to thank him for his incredible dedication.

2015 Parade Float Winner

2015 Parade Float winner - Best Overall Float

Congratulations to Bob Blewett and committee for their work on the float entered in the city’s parade on Saturday, June 27, 2015. It was awarded top prize for Overall Best Float and earned $150.00 in prize money. Well done!

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