Rowan’s Law

Ontario is a national leader in concussion management and prevention. Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018 makes it mandatory for sports organizations to follow strict guidelines with regards to suspected concussions in athletes.

The Elliot Lake Granite Sport & Social Club is following the legal requirements of Rowan’s Law. All athletes under 26 who come to curl at our club will need to view Concussion Awareness Resources and sign off on them.

We will be educating its members about the Concussion Guidelines, Safety and Return to Play Protocol through the website, discussions at General Meeting and through posted notices. Our aim is to make members aware of how to be safe on the ice, prevent injury and to also recognize the signs of concussion and what steps should be taken if a member is hurt.

Concussion Safety

The Service Ontario website offers information on concussions recognition and management.

Bill 193, Rowan’s Law (Concussion Safety), 2018

For the complete wording for Bill 193 visit the Legislative Assembly of Ontario website.

Concussion Awareness Resources

Service Ontario offers resources for Concussion Awareness.

Rowan Stringer

This National Post article talks about Rowan Stringer, the 17 year old rugby player who died on Mother’s Day in 2013 after suffering a fatal concussion, her second concussion in just two weeks, and the impact her tragic death has made upon sports organizations in Ontario.

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