Instructional Videos

The following YouTube videos are only a few of many available by Curling Canada and a number of other sources.

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Learn Curling | Lessons For New Curlers | Discover Curling​

The following video is released by Canada Curling for basic instruction for new curlers.

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Discover Curling – Getting Started for Adults

Curling Canada published this video with Earle Morris and Erin Morrissey providing some instruction for new curlers or those thinking of getting started in the sport.

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CURLING – A 2 Minute Guide​

A comprehensive (and lighthearted) guide to the sport of Curling. How it’s played, scored, won, and why curlers yell so much!

This video has been produced by the Canadian Curling Association with support from the World Curling Federation’s Development Assistant Programme.

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Learn to Curl – Stick Curling

The following video is released by Canada Curling for basic stick curling instruction.

Stick curling — a modified version of the sport for older athletes — is saving community clubs.

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The Rules of Curling – EXPLAINED!​

The Rules of Curling are explained. A beginner’s explanation of Curling Rules.

Watch this short video tutorial guide on how to play Curling under IOC, Brier & International Sports rules.

Learn about curling rocks, stones, draws, take outs, guards, house, button, measure, burning a rock and more.

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Basics of Curling Strategy

A quick introduction to the basics of curling strategy!

This video covers everything a first-time skip needs to know to call a game, and gives insight into the general strategies used by both teams when trying to put together an end.

If you’ve never had a lesson in curling strategy before, this is the video for you.

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